Who are we?

I didn't study English at university or am necessarily a great writer; I'm just a mum enjoying this new adventure we are on as a family. We always get so many questions from guests asking how we came to be here at Lunabell and what we have done to the place, so I thought I should do a short post as an introduction.

I'm Ashleigh and I was born in Australia and moved to Italy in 2009 after I graduated university. My husband, Nate is from Annapolis, Maryland in the USA and we met here in Italy. We have lived in Umbria since 2009 and wanted to finally buy a house! Over the years, we found that if we were going out for dinner, or going to a wine tasting, we would always drive over to the Bevagna/Montefalco side of the valley here, and so when it came to buying a house, it made sense to look in this area. We also liked the idea of our 4 year old son, Toby, growing up in a small town, yet surrounded by countryside.

So that's us - myself, Nate, Toby and our dog Cassie (and not forgetting of course our border collie Alba, who enjoyed Lunabell while she was still with us and appears in a lot of the photos we have taken).

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